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2013-08-03 @ 22:06
author: greg
The new line up of FANTHRASH

The new line up of FANTHRASH:

Mariusz Ostep - bass

Grzegorz Obroslak – rhythm guitar

Kuba Chmielewski - vocals

RafaĹ‚ Cywinski – lead guitar

Radoslaw Grygiel - drums


We want to extend our gratitude to Less and Wojciech Pilat for the past few years filled with very hard work helping FANTHRASH come back on stage, for all the effort and great atmosphere during studio sessions, great energy during the shows, as well as friendship and support in every situation.

We stay in touch and probably our path will cross again, either on tour, in the studio or other artistic projects. Thank you friends !

2013-05-03 @ 14:37
author: Less

The brand new EP Apocalypse Cyanide from FANTHRASH is already OUT NOW!




2013-05-03 @ 14:36
author: Less
Greg in Extreminal Webzine

FANTHRASH interview by Battle Pig with Greg!!! Come on and read an interview with Greg, guitarist from FANTHRASH, that has been posted by EXTREMINAL Web’zine.


2013-05-03 @ 14:36
author: Less
Ave Noctum about Duality of Things

A very honest review of our album Duality of Things has been posted on AVE NOCTUM by Lars Christiansen.


2013-05-03 @ 14:36
author: Less
Duality of Things in Imperiumi

On IMPERIUMI portal from Finland you'll find a brand new review of FANTHRASH's Duality of Things by Serpent.


2013-04-23 @ 01:26
author: Less
A CD compilation "Symphonies Of Sickness"

FANTHRASH was awarded by Thrash-Thrashdeath-Death Metal \m/ portal and appeared on their CD compilation Symphonies of Sickness with a song from "Duality Of Things".

Symphonies Of Sickness

2013-02-12 @ 11:16
author: Less
Duality of Things in EXTEMINAL Webzine

On EXTREMINAL Webzine portal you'll find a brand new review of FANTHRASH "Duality of Things" by Battle Pig. Soon you'll be able to read an interview with Greg, guitarist and one of the founding fathers of FANTHRASH.


2013-02-11 @ 04:59
author: Less
Italian Metal Wave on Duality of Things

Italian METAL WAVE portal, by Snarl's pen, has posted a review of Duality Of Things by FANTHRASH.


2012-12-21 @ 19:29
author: Less
APOCALYPSE is coming...


2012-12-20 @ 03:46
author: Less
Fémforgács - in Hungary on Duality of Things

A Hungarian webzine FÉMFORGÁCS, by pen of Oldboy, posted a very extensive review of our record Duality of Things and gave us a lot of points! You should to see that!


2012-12-13 @ 02:27
author: Less
Fanthrash vs Orchid in BRUTAL CRUSH

In the next Italian webzine, BRUTAL CRUSH, Aldo Luigi Mancusi posted an opinion on Duality of Things in some kind of musical duel between FANTHRASH and ORCHID from San Francisco. How are we in this competition? You can check it out!



2012-11-28 @ 00:58
author: Less
Duality of Things in CHURCH OF DEVIANCE

An Italian musical blog, UNDERRATED ALBUMS (CHURCH OF DEVIANCE), posted a short review of FANTHRASH's Duality of Things.


2012-11-27 @ 22:42
author: Less
Fanthrash in Croatian VENIA-MAG

Croatian VENIA-MAG portal had just posted an interview with GREG, the Founding Father and guitarist of FANTHRASH. We hope it will help all the Metal Maniacs there learn about FANTHRASH from Poland!

English version

Croatian version


2012-08-12 @ 02:01
author: Less
METAL RECUSANTS about Duality of Things

So, the FANTHRASH has appeared in Cyprus! For now, it's "only" a review of Duality of Things written by BreadGod for the METAL RECUSANTS webzine, but maybe someday ... who knows?


2012-08-10 @ 23:31
author: Less

Hermanas Muerte from MUTILADOR ZINE (Mexico), has placed on his blog an interview with Greg, a guitarist from FANTHRASH. The interview also will appear in Spanish, in the new XVIIth „Mutilador Zine” together with one of the songs of FANTHRASH.


2012-08-09 @ 02:40
author: Less
Duality of Things in Infernal Masquerade

Dark Emperor from INFERNAL MASQUERADE WEBZINE has posted a review of Duality Of Things by FANTHRASH. This interesting and, most importantly, positive opinion You can find below.


2012-08-06 @ 01:55
author: Less
Greg in Apulian Destruction

At the Italian, dark Apulian Destruction webzine appeared an interview with the founder and leader of Fanthrash band - Greg. The author of this material is Lemmy.

Apulian Destruction

We also recommend the review of Duality of Things, recently posted on this website:

Apulian Destruction

2012-07-08 @ 10:40
author: Less
Fanthrash again in polish Metal Hammer

The newest issue of polish METAL HAMMER edition (253 7/2012) includes a review of Duality Of Things - FANTHRASH by Wojtek KaĹ‚uĹĽa. His opinion has 4 in the 5 points scale! Big thanx, Wojtek! :-)


2012-06-18 @ 23:08
author: Less
Fans play thrash ... by Heavy-Metal.de

"Fans play thrash" - a rather unusual, but really funny is the title of review on the German HEAVY-METAL.de webzine. But the author of this quite short opinion on Duality of Things, Diggy (Dirk Zimmermann), gave our album as much as 5 points!!! Thanks, Diggy! :-)


2012-06-13 @ 02:08
author: Less
Duality of Things at Metalhead

Fanthrash has a new review of the Duality of Things record, which is placed at the Italian METALHEAD webzine. This very nice opinion was written by Alberto Vitale and to read it - take just ... one step aHEAD!


2012-06-06 @ 12:57
author: Less
Musik Reviews about Duality of Things

The German MUSIK REVIEWS webzine for metal, prog and rock, reviewed the Duality of Things album. Andreas Schulz is an author of that article.


2012-06-04 @ 00:21
author: Less
High rate in Metalville

Dave Attrill from the British METALVILLE webzine highly rated our record and gave the Duality of Things 8 on 10 points! Thanx Dave!!!


2012-06-03 @ 00:51
author: Less
Fanthrash in My Revelations

The German-language musical portal MY REVELATIONS reviewed shortly by Marc Schallmaier's pen our Duality of Things release.


2012-06-02 @ 11:52
author: Less
An Austrian review of Duality of Things

METALBLAZE is an Austrian rock and metal webzine, and Predator, a journalist from that zine, has reviewed the Duality of Things album. Enjoy!


2012-06-01 @ 20:32
author: Less
Terror Verlag and Duality of Things

Too short, but very highly rated, review of our Duality of Things album, prepared by Moses, is located at the German TERROR VERLAG - Alternative Music Webzine. Just click the banner below!

TERROR VERLAG - Alternative Music Webzine

2012-05-30 @ 20:43
author: Less
Greg in Swedish Battle Helm

Listen people! On the Swedish BATTLE HELM - True Metal Magazine You can read a newest interview with Greg, Fanthrash's founder and guitarist! This material was prepared by Anders Ekdahl. Enjoy!

BATTLE HELM - True Metal Magazine

2012-05-28 @ 19:50
author: Less
Fanthrash in LEGACY Magazine!!!

In the latest issue of LEGACY MAGAZINE #78 you will find an article on FANTHRASH, but also you'll be able to listen to the title piece from 'Duality Of Things' album, the track which goes with a CD compilation along with bands such as KREATOR, UNLEASHED or MARDUK. LEGACY MAGAZINE is a bimonthly sold in 25.000/30.000 copies (colour print, 280 pages) and circulates around Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg.

LEGACY Magazine
LEGACY Magazine

2012-05-24 @ 00:50
author: Less
Metal.de about Duality of Things

At the German METAL.DE magazine You can find a 7-point review of the last release of FanthrashDuality of Things! This opinion was prepared by Colin, a journalist who writes for the webzine. Thanx!!!


2012-05-23 @ 01:09
author: Less
Metal Inside... Fanthrash

Thanks to Christian Hollinger from the German METAL INSIDE magazine, Fanthrash has appeared at the zine's website with a short review of Duality of Things.


2012-05-22 @ 00:59
author: Less
ROCKINGBOY and Fanthrash

Götz from the German webzine ROCKINGBOY created not so small material reviewing our record Duality of Things. It's worth to look at the opinion and score :-)


2012-05-20 @ 20:44
author: Less
Duality of Things in Crossfire

The German webzine CROSSFIRE wrote again about FanthrashNow the reason was our album Duality of ThingsThe article is wrote again by Joxe Schaefer.


2012-05-19 @ 21:57
author: Less
Fanthrash & Metalglory

Not so far away, in Germany, we have been given 6 points for our Duality of Things album. It happened in the METALGLORY Magazine & Mailorder and the reviewing journalist of that website was Arturek.


2012-05-17 @ 17:55
author: Less
Totentanz about Duality of Things

Another, short German opinion of our record: Duality of Things. The album has been reviewed in TOTENTANZ Metal Magazin by Michael.

TOTENTANZ Metal Magazin

2012-05-15 @ 23:33
author: Less
RockTimes for Fanthrash

Our album Duality of Things has been reviewed by Andrea Groh from German ROCKTIMES.de webzine.

Rock Times

2012-05-09 @ 01:45
author: Less
Metalland cuts in France

And now's the time for French aura! ZoSKiA from the METALLAND webzine is the author of the newest review of Duality of Things. Let's get read!


2012-05-07 @ 06:53
author: Less
Brutally about Duality of Things

We have another representative of the Netherlands! The internet service BRUTALISM posted a review of Paul Maddison about our Duality of Things album. This opinion is very expressive, so we invite you to reading.


2012-05-06 @ 13:34
author: Less
Fanthrash in Italian radio station

This is an e-mail sent to Greg from the Apulian Destruction webzine:

Hi Greg 

I'll insert the Fanthrash in the tracklist for the radio program Bari Rock City.
It'll start Thursday 10th at the 21.00/21.30.



Be with us that evening and listen to the Bari Rock City in the Linkredulo radio station!


2012-05-06 @ 13:33
author: Less
Greg in Swedish SKRUTT Magazine

Do you want to read some interesting infos about FANTHRASH? Click this banner and go to the Swedish SKRUTT Magazine, where you'll find a few details e.g. about our musical preferences. This interview with Greg had been written by Peter Thorsson, a very kind man. Thank You, Peter!

Have a nice reading!


2012-05-06 @ 02:00
author: Less
Crossfire about Trauma Despotic

The German CROSSFIRE webzine has reviewed our first release: Trauma Despotic. An article by Joxe Schaefer you can find at the zine's website after clicking this banner:


2012-04-30 @ 21:19
author: Less
9 in the Apulian Destruction

In the last days Italy really rulez! :-) Apulian Destruction, as the next webzine from that country, has placed a review of Duality of Things on its site. Lemmy, who wrote this material, gave us ... up 9 from 10 points!!!

Big Thanx! :-)

Apulian Destruction

2012-04-30 @ 04:12
author: Less

This is the newest #78 LEGACY MAGAZINE with FANTHRASH!


Inside the magazine You can find: an interview with Greg, a review of our record and the song "Duality of Things" on the common album, where we are amongst such bands as Kreator, Unleashed and Marduk!!! The magazine is available from 04.30.2012.

2012-04-30 @ 04:11
author: Less
Duality of Things again in Italy

There's a new review of Duality of Things again from Italy. You can read it on the Metal.it webzine and it's author is Sergio Ermo Rapetti.



2012-04-28 @ 14:30
author: Less
PSYCHO about Fanthrash without... Fanthrash

THRASHING DAMNATION THRU COMPILATION - it's the name of a release, which has appeared in Poland. It contains 22 compositions of polish thrash bands. Sylwester Sadowski, who writes to PSYCHO Magazine, wrote about that record a short note, where the FANTHRASH's name was used twice, though... we aren't on that record :-)

Thanx for Your memory, Sylv!

PSYCHO Magazine

2012-04-28 @ 07:57
author: Less
Duality Of Things by the Full Metal Attorney

We have a next american review! Duality Of Things has been described by Kelly Hoffart, a founder and an author on FULL METAL ATTORNEY blog. It's worth to read, so we suggest to click the FMA banner!

Full Metal Attorney

2012-04-23 @ 23:15
author: Less
Duality of Things by the Eternal Terror Webzine

Duality Of Things
had a long way to the U.S. to be reviewed by Matt Coe, who writes for the Dutch ETERNAL TERROR Webzine. Have a nice reading!

Eternal Terror

2012-04-09 @ 22:55
author: Less


AntiRadio's Antifest

There's a chance for FANTHRASH to play at SONISPHERE FESTIVAL in front of bands like METALLICA, MACHINE HEAD, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY, GOJIRA. Just click the VOTE icon next to FANTHRASH after hitting the banner at the left.

We're counting on You.
Send this link to all your friends!

2012-03-31 @ 16:06
author: Less
Duality of Things in a few German reviews

For all those, who have some free time to dive into an interesting articles, we recommend a few reviews coming from German musical webzines.


FFM Rock

Power Metal

2012-03-17 @ 03:26
author: Less
Wings of Death

If any of You feel really good in Dutch or just living in Holland, we would recommend review of Duality of Things written by Chris in Wings of Death webzine.

Wings of Death

2012-03-16 @ 00:02
author: Less
Is the Duality of Things technical death metal?

Maybe not exactly, but... Rimmön, writing for the TechnicalDeathMetal.com, clearly expressed that he's unsatisfied and spin by the material contained on the Duality of Things. It seems that something is in it, so You can read about it at the zine's website.


2012-03-13 @ 12:37
author: Less
Duality Of Things in Swiss Medazzarock

Duality of Things just has been reviewed by André in MEDAZZAROCK - a musical webzine from Switzerland. Thanx, André!


2012-03-11 @ 23:39
author: Less
NOIZZ at this time about Duality of Things

So we are again in the Spanish NOIZZ Webzine! But this time the cause is Duality of Things review. If You wanna know what have been written about our record - click this banner:

NOIZZ Webzine

2012-03-11 @ 01:09
author: Less
A few German reviews of Duality of Things

If You've got some free time, we have a few German reviews of Duality of Things. Enjoy!

Heavy Realm


Music Scan

2012-03-09 @ 15:58
author: Less
Fanthrash sounds hard

The review of Duality of Things by Frank La Tegola has been placed at the HARDSOUNDS - an Italian musical webzine. We invite You to visit this site!


2012-03-09 @ 03:06
author: Less
Lords of Metal

We have been reviewed by Frank V from LORDS OF METAL - the Dutch musical webzine. Though the opinion is short and slightly neutral, but is worth to look at that website:

Lords of Metal

2012-03-06 @ 23:05
author: Less
Time For ... Duality Of Things

A new, interesting review appeared at the German Time For Metal webzine. Rene, an author of that opinion, gave us until ... but the first of all we suggest You to visit the zine's website:

Time For Metal

2012-02-29 @ 23:39
author: Less
Keith is reviewing the Duality of Things

Our last release, Duality of Things, was reviewed by the guy promoting unheard talents: Connor Keith Flello from the UK, the Keith's Reviews website founder. It seems, that our material impressed him :-)

Keith's Reviews

2012-02-28 @ 10:07
author: Less
The Trauma Despotic review in NOIZZ

The Spanish, musical NOIZZ Webzine blog, was reviewing the first Fanthrash's release: Trauma Despotic. The first impression and the score look promising.

NOIZZ Webzine

Those readers, who are brave in translations, are asked to click the banner above ;-)

2012-02-28 @ 02:41
author: Less
Voices From The Darkside is reviewing our record

The guy from Costa Rica, Alfonso Perez, is reviewing Duality of Things on the German Voices From The Darkside webzine. Though its a short opinion, its really worth reading!

Voices From The Darkside

... then click and read it!

2012-02-24 @ 01:46
author: Less
Fanthrash on the FALSTUDIOS website

During the work on the 'Duality of Things' album the key element was Jocke Skog from FALSTUDIOS, Sweden, who was responsible for reamping the guitars, mixing and mastering. Jocke is a keyboard player from Clawfinger and he's been involved in creating albums with such bands like Meshuggah, Clawfinger but also After The Burial, Construcdead, Scarpoint and others.

Now we are honoured to be placed on his official website:

Jocke Skog

2012-02-23 @ 22:42
author: Less
Fanthrash in Italian

The review of Duality of Things, written by Mourning, You can find now in Italian musical website Aristocrazia Webzine. If some of You can read in Italian - click the banner below! :-)

Aristocrazia Webzine

2011-12-22 @ 01:01
author: Less
Duality Of Things in spanish Xtreem Magazine

For the first time in Spain!!! The Duality Of Things review has been placed in one of Spanish music magazines: XTREEM MAGAZINE. Electronic version of the opinion You can find at the magazine's website, under this link:

Xtreem Magazine

2011-12-20 @ 02:42
author: Less
A huge review of Duality Of Things!

"The result is an album that will have seasoned metal fans weeping with joy at the sound of a band rejuvenating the ‘classic’ thrash sound and breathing new life into a genre..." - this is the only small part of really huge review of our record, Duality Of Things, placed by PHIL on the SONIC ABUSE's website. Could You expect more? Yeah, and You should to!

Sonic Abuse

Click the banner above to redirect to full version of the review. Enjoy!

2011-11-04 @ 02:57
author: Less
Mass Movement and Duality of Things

If You wanna know, what the Mass Movement magazine thinks of the Duality of Things, You can click the logo-banner below and move right onto the magazine's website.

Mass Movement Magazine

2011-11-03 @ 02:24
author: Less
Fanthrash in Rock Hard Magazine!

Rock Hard
Magazine (No 292) has been placed on its pages a review of our record Duality of Things. But You can also find out this article at the magazine's website. Just click the logo below:

Rock Hard

2011-11-02 @ 00:45
author: Less
Green Tattoo to Your ears

Just out now, on the MySpace profile of Fanthrash, You can find a new stuff. This is the song Green Tattoo from the last band's release "Duality of Things". Take a look and enjoy the sound!


2011-05-24 @ 12:48
author: Less
Aggressor in british edition of Metal Hammer

Hi there! The new issue of British edition of Metal Hammer is out. A Rising Records groups compilation CD is included. The June issue CD entitled RISING RECORDS - The Second Coming apart from FANTHRASH features also SWORN AMONGST, FROWSER, LIQUID GRAVEYARD, INC, RED XIII, VALPURGIS NIGHT, DEEP BLACK SEES, SOUNDSTORM, EMBRYO, CORROOSION, AIRLINES OF TERROR, IMMORTAL SENSE i DYING SIGNALS.

Rising Records - The Second Coming

And here is the note which appeared in the magazine together with the photo of  FANTHRASH:

"Another of Rising's no-compromise brutalists who combine a Nordic sense of Viking-entitlement with razor-edged riffs of death and destruction. Taken from the album Duality of Things".

2011-05-06 @ 22:26
author: greg
VOIVOD Progresja Club , Warsaw 15th May 2011

Voivod – the C
anadian legend of metal music will appear live in Progresja Club in Warsaw on 15th May. The band has been going along its own path since the very beginning and is the source of inspiration for many bands. Their 13th studio album is going to  be released this year. This will be the first album without their guitarist Denis "Piggy" D'Amour who died six years ago. Yet, all other members of the original line-up will take part in the project. Since the 80s Voivod has put  together thrash, prog, punk and many other genres on their albums making them sound incredible. Apart from characteristic music, the band has always been famous for their political and ecological lyrics dealing with subjects like  corruption in politics and business or degradation of the environment.

It is said that their May tour in Poland will be based on the albums recorded with one of the classic line-up members Jean-Yves „Blacky” Theriault as well as some premiere compositions from the album which will appear later this year. Without any doubt the coming concert will become a memorable event with a big dose of energy confirming the group’s greatness.

Voivod will be accompanied by the veterans of progressive thrash Tenebris and Lublin’s Fanthrash   debuting with a great album „Trauma Despotic” but having its origins in the 80s.

The tickets are available through Eventim network and Progresja Club at 70 zl ( in advance ) and 80 zl ( on the day of the concert )


15th May 2011




Warsaw, Progresja Club

2011-05-06 @ 18:38
author: greg
CD Metal Hammer

The CD containing 15 compositions of the bands from Rising Records label with the song AGGRESSOR by  FANTHRASH will be added to the June issue of the British Edition of  METAL HAMMER.  It was supposed to be added to the May issue.

Click the link for details: http://www.metalhammer.co.uk/magazine/

2011-04-08 @ 08:22
author: greg
Fanthrash on a CD added to the May issue of Metal

The May issue of British edition of Metal Hammer, which is due to be out on  4 May 2011, will include a Rising Records CD entitled 'The Second Coming'. This compilation will feature songs of several  Rising Records artists with 'Aggressor' by Fanthrash among them. The CD cover has been designed by Colin Marks at Rainsong Design.

More: http://www.risingrecords.org/

2011-01-23 @ 20:00
author: less

Rising Records

Officially and proudly we inform that the band FANTHRASH has signed a worldwide record deal with one of the UK’s leading labels - RISING RECORDS, for the release of „Duality of Things” album, which is due to appear in the spring of 2011.

You can read more here.

2011-01-23 @ 19:59
author: less
Demo(N) of the Month in Metal Hammer No 234 12/201


“Trauma Despotic” is an exquisite hors-d’oeuvre, but these three tracks leave one hungry for more, damn hungry. I pondered for a long while whether such a short piece deserves to be the “Demo(N) of the Month.” What finally swayed my mind was the conviction that the full-length record of Fanthrash (once the boys finally do it) shall kill – I have no doubt about it.   

Wojciech Kałuża

Metal Hammer   Metal Hammer

2011-01-23 @ 19:56
author: less
Interview with Greg in Blackastrial Magazine No 03

 … it was that moment.

No return is like any other (...) Luckily, „Trauma Despotic” is just THIS disc, and the band behind it, Fantrash, is just THIS band. (...) You have in front of you one of the most extreme – if you can use the word extreme about thrash-metal art, that is – reunions of the year: hailing from Lublin, Fanthrash!

Hi, Greg. I can’t hide it, I’m happy about your return (…)

Reviving the band and returning to normal activity was indeed a logistical, financial and artistic feat accomplished by Fanthrash. (…) mechanism is invariably the same: in order to do something right, professionally, without losing the creative drive, one has to devote himself almost totally to it, while staying in touch with the reality of daily life at the same time. To be a creator and an artist you just need to be it, to want to fulfill your dreams, regardless what you are in your daily life: a construction worker, a lawyer or a teacher.

Let’s talk a little about “Trauma Despotic.” The material sounds great! The basics were laid in a little known Tzar Studio, while the audio mixing and mastering was done by Jocke Skog from Clawfinger himself in Fear and Loathing studio. Is it not the place where the members of Meshuggah reign supreme?

It’s true that Meshuggah are involved with Jocke and Fear and Loathing studio. We are very happy to have managed to engage this kind of professionals and somehow storm into the extremely tight schedule of Jocke.

(…) accepting to work with the Swedes was a kind of experiment and a challenge to see how our thrash muse will sound after being filtered through the talent of Jocke and the professional studio like Fear… 

Undoubtedly, what draws the attention the most at the first sight of “Trauma Despotic” is the magnificent graphic design that you have prepared yourselves from scratch! (…)

It’s true, we did it all ourselves, that is I and Less. We both have artistic education and Less is professionally involved in graphic arts, so it couldn’t be otherwise: only a wholly personal creation could do. (…)

You are currently working on a new material. Tell me, what can we expect from the new collection of Fanthrash? Will it be a musical continuation of “Trauma Despotic” or something totally different?

… we are intensively working on the new material (…) I can only add that the material is recorded again in Tzar Studio with Czarek Socha (…) and the audio mixing and mastering will again be the responsibility of the Fear and Loathing studio in Sweden. (…) musically the new collection will be a continuation of the chosen route, but we also want to broaden the horizons a bit and venture into new musical spaces, not losing the power and the energy already revealed in the “Trauma Despotic.”

... This manner of working on all the aspects of the new collection is very tiring and exhausting but the introductions to the mixes already tell us that it’s worthwhile, and that the new material will blast metal maniacs off the surface of the earth. 

OK. Thanks a lot for your time. But the end won’t be an easy way out. I want you to invite particularly young readers of Blackastrial in a typically marketing way to get to know the music of Fanthrash.

Trust us. Fanthrash has resurrected to prove that true metal exists, that one can play in a modern way while knowing where one comes from musically.

… coming back on stage we want to kick the so-called metal experts in the pants, and prove that on the musical stage there is place for true creativity without looking back too much to the past or imitating those who are promoted by most of the media. We have the head of the ancient phoenix in the logo of our band, and I’m convinced that this is a fitting symbol of our return to the metal scene without any compromise.

… Thrash Till Death.

Krzysztof Dobrowolski

Blackastrial Magazine Blackastrial Magazine

2011-01-23 @ 19:56
author: less
HMP about Trauma Despotic / No 3 (46) 2010

I would never imagine that Fanthrash is our local band from Lublin. Cool guitar work – somewhat in the death metal style – caught my attention on the very first hearing. Solos in particular give a truly virtuoso performance. A heavy stuff with the frequent changes of the tempo, and most of all, the musicians are technically excellent. I like the guitars playing in sync with double bass drumming – it produces a phenomenal effect.


HMP        Heavy Metal Pages

2011-01-23 @ 19:55
author: less
Excerpt of an interview with Greg in Metal Centre

The band had been a great unknown as far as I was concerned, but its EP “Trauma Despotic” stirred great emotions, which was a reason enough for me to talk to Greg, the founder and leader of Fanthrash group. 

How are you and the whole band getting along after the return to the metal scene with a very successful EP?

“We are extremely pleased that the effort to revive the band, make the recordings and release the disc was so warmly received. It motivates me and other maniacs of the Fanthrash Family to take ever more resolute steps towards full return to the metal scene.”

I was very surprised by the level of professionalism with which “Trauma Despotic” has been prepared.

“We agreed that there would be no half-measures or compromises which might have distorted our artistic message. It was also meant to be a clear sign that Fanthrash did not revive in order to just bang out during a couple of rehearsals.”

A visual element, a video, would be helpful…

“We would love to record a video to the title track from the EP “Trauma Despotic” or to one of the new tracks we are currently working on. We have a clear vision of such a video.”

Greg, thanks for the handful of news about Fanthrash. The last word belongs to you.

“I would like to greet all the people who support our musical activity and thank them for their generous help, and to greet all the new friends who got interested in our music. See you at our concerts. And by the end of the year we want to thrash all the metal maniacs with a new release.”


Recenzja na METAL CENTRE

2011-01-23 @ 19:55
author: less
Blackastrial Magazine about Trauma Despotic / No 0

Do you remember Fanthrash? Of course, you don’t, how could you? But it doesn’t matter, because this “little known” band has just come back in style that any world class “old-timers” should envy. The EP “Trauma Despotic” destroys! It does so with its sound but most of all with the incredible compositional flare and a dose of condensed energy in every note of a merely three-track recording which is done much better than most of the pseudo-professional dreck that too often comes from our studios.

Krzysztof Dobrowolski

Blackastrial Magazine

2011-01-23 @ 19:55
author: less
Trauma Despotic in Kurier Szczeciński


Kurier Szczeciński

On Fanthrash record the guitars create a dense wall of sound venturing at times into dazzling, virtuoso level  solos accompanied by intense double bass drumming. The musicians cannot be refused proficiency and skill. Their compositions, as deeply as they are embedded in the conventions of the genre, give an impression of being original and fresh, elaborated in a manner similar to the one used by progressive rock bands.

With clear conscience I can recommend “Trauma Despotic” to all the fans of extreme guitar experiences.

Szymon Wasilewski

2011-01-23 @ 19:54
author: less
Trauma Despotic on Mroczna Strefa - review


Mroczna Strefa

"First thrash metal band in Lublin that left out with nothing apart from two concert tapes and one demo. Only towards the end of the first decade of the 21st century did they record three tracks that are now distributed in Poland on a pretty digipack. In all the three tracks they join a classical expression of a theme with modern, even aggressive by the thrash standards, means. Although they do not gather too much speed and only the “Aggressor” - true to its name - is a faster tune, for the musicians of a somewhat different era, they are not afraid to condense the sound – the effect being multiple guitar solos and frequent changes within a given piece."


2011-01-23 @ 19:53
author: Less
EP Trauma Despotic by MTUK

, the British METAL TEAM UK Metal 'Zine journalist, wrote a really nice review about her impressions after listening to our EP Trauma Despotic.


Trauma Despotic by the MTUK!

Please, take a look and enjoy!

2011-01-23 @ 19:53
author: less
Trauma Despotic on Metal Mundus - review


Recenzja na METAL MUNDUS

"This is a very classical material, dipped in the sauce of the 80s. There is a touch of Metallica; there is a rather German thrash style vocal; and there are the solos, occasionally Metallica-like, sometimes Slayer-like, always superb! If I were to say that this is a substitute for only the best elements of the two mentioned bands, I wouldn’t be far from the truth. It’s modern but without exaggeration. It’s a bit dirty but not too dirty. Simply everything done in the right proportions.

The EP „Trauma Despotic” has intrigued me greatly and I recommend it strongly."


2011-01-23 @ 19:53
author: less
Trauma Despotic on Metal Centre - review


Recenzja na METAL CENTRE

"Returns to the musical scene often arouse expectations higher than the abilities or creativity of a returning band. Here, instead, we deal with a perfect blend of old thrash metal school with modern, rich sound. “Trauma Despotic” is a totally professional product: from the production to the editing and layout – absolutely mouth-watering piece that could make better-known musical groups, not only local, proud of. Gentlemen, with “Trauma Despotic”, you have raised the bar high, damn high, but the goal can be the only one – Thrash Till Death."


2010-06-19 @ 23:50
author: Less
FANTHRASH is lookin

We're lookin' for a label. Are You interested?

2010-06-18 @ 23:53
author: Greg
A new drummer in the band!

has a new drummer in its line-up. He started intensive work with the material, which is new for him. We would like to enter the studio to record new tracks in late July or early August. We are preparing to start concerts in September.

More details soon.

2010-03-26 @ 02:29
author: Less
EP and band

2010-03-08 @ 20:17
author: greg
March 2010

After many years of waiting, after defeating the weakness of body and spirit, repulsing open and secret attacks of "hostile and malicious force" we have finally managed to release premiere material as Trauma Despotic EP. The release of the new album is at the same time the new beginning for FANTHRASH and the new chapter in the lives of its musicians.

The band starts activities in all media areas i.e. a website, myspace etc. We follow the idea of total effect on the receiver through music, texts and visual arts. We have the mission to complete and we trust our artistic ways. We have our vision and our message coming out of the music we create and the lyrics we write. They are of great importance for us and we encourage you to read them. Greg and Less with active support of Mary are the authors of the whole visual concept of Fanthrash in the form of the album cover and the inlay card, the band's website, MySpace site, the Encyclopaedia Metallum, the T-shirt project, pins, etc.

There is the path and the force in us to go this way the whole distance, there is the power and the persistence, the dream and the aim. The longing...

I'd like to disintegrate into atoms
And integrate again
I'd like to turn back time
Change the thoughts and the words
The Angel of Sadness in haste moulded me out of "unreason"
But forgot that you cannot cry over an open skull

ATOMS (Greg)