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Trauma Despotic

music: Grzegorz Obroślak "GREG"
Mariusz Ostęp "MARY"
lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak "GREG"

Catchers of souls are out on hunt
No point in hiding in the noise of crowds
They stalk us now
Clumsily dressed in human flesh
You cannot see them
Your eyesight fails you

The night still lasts all around us
You were a loser
The other side, you`ll see a sign
A pure dawn

The unclean spirit brings sickness
The touch of bodies is how it spreads
Fullness of power is out of reach
He has no keys.
To all the doors and all the gates

The night still lasts all around us
You were a loser
The other side, you`ll see a sign
A pure dawn
You let the devil dwell in your soul
You savour your sins
You numb your mind and fall again
A slave to pride
On hardships I thrive
I`ve seen the signs, all out to read
This world has two bottoms
Blemish on crystal, stigmata of faith

Signals expand, the fall of faith
Servants around, mission-devoted
They`re simple people, stained with lies

To final battle armies will go
No sign of peace will stand in the way
The endless sea of shadows
Human puppets in the mud of earth

The king of life, the beggar in rags
When need arrives, in animal body
The pure rite despoiled
You`ll know the foe
He breaks the rhythm
And stains the order

The night still lasts all around us
You were a loser
The other side, you`ll see a sign
A pure dawn

Locked in the earthly trap of time
He hides the trails, discovers the plans
In service to the eternal chaos
He`s on the mission
To lessen the pain and to escape
The night still lasts all around us
You were a loser
The other side, you`ll see a sign
A pure dawn
You let the devil dwell in your soul
You savour your sins
You numb your mind and fall again
A slave to pride

Outside the veil vision is clear
Mundane effects of spheric noise
Changes of fates always entwined
The curtain falls that cuts the worlds

Despair and frailty when moment comes
When powers clash in fight
The divine seed, your only hope
The part of soul never touched

To final battle armies will go
No sign of peace will stand in the way
The endless sea of shadows
Human puppets in the mud of earth


music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak “GREG”

Rise from your knees
There is a fire in your soul
And when the war devours your brothers
You may think it`s too late

It`s never too late

Fire devours our brothers
Fear and death in dying eyes
The cities with red in the sky
Pain that overfloods each single day

When our times come to their close
He will be born out of dirt

Blood on the hands in the name of God
Millions of minions, call of the wild
Your honor trampled, you`re a foe
He killed the king and took the throne

When our times come to their close
He will be born out of dirt
In the white static you see every day
The hell of life as it is
You mean no more than dust
For the apostles of destruction

The blood-red tint of sun
Puts out the night
The time has stopped for you to wake
The fate placed us, before the end of days
The chant has begun
You are in his might

Rise from your knees, cast down the bind
Open your eyes, there is fire in your soul
Look for it now, break now the seals
See the gloom of the things, see the light

Don`t let him be born

Toxic Mind

music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak “GREG”

Dawn again, broken sleep
Poisoned blood, ghastly sweat
I`m burning
Another day, my toxic drain
In running veins, will find its goal
In my head
Demonic fear, my mind in thrall
A steely thorn each single day
Into my soul
I lose myself, I fall again
The face not mine, Him in the mirror
So close to me

The plane with no end
The road of stone
The throne in crimson
I - the King like a god

Fury, anger, beastly call
Primeval might, toxic mind
I`m coming
Berserker wrath, I spread pain
To all around, innocents cry
Against myself
My hands in blood, my eyes in ice
Whiteness depraved, I feel no thing
Drowning again
Call of the abyss, the dusk collects
The final thought, I fear the day

Now it is over

Daemon, angel, human body drain
I am like gods, can be what I want
I am the master of all lowly games
Deception, violence are my bread

Toxic mind
Night and day, day and night, and again
So many years, the killing thought
Bitterness, pain, tears passed around
The sower of lies, fall I continued

Toxic mind

Mother behold your sinful son
Born down below, your tears no good
Burden no freedom for me
Now I can see, the chains so burn

Deception rules this place
Old truths sold out, the cross in blood
The pits are in me, deathlike odor
Even in my dreams

The sticky net around my body
The sin of doubt, how to live
Burning again
Each single day numbs the mind
The daily toil, the dirt of life
I want out
The plan of mind, the trail of flight
In naked rocks I hide
Stand by me
The din of chase, farther away
The end of path, thye won`t find us

Never again

Intro (instrumental)

music: Wojciech Piłat “PILATE” & Fanthrash

Allocation Of The Soul

music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak “GREG”

Fire burns out the remnants
Of mind lost in the abyss
The guardian of the desert o fear
Calls with mirages from afar

The genome of death from one’s birth
Divine template with a stain

Hellish hordes petrified
Into stone statues made of granite
That injure your astral being
With every attempted return

The night is coming
Mercury in your blood
The icy shadow
Draws close

Allocation of the soul
Tempted with false images
Entrapped in lies
The body made for sacrifice

The weak thrall of anomaly
The paradigm is broken

The conscious meaty coil
Skin, blood and the entrails
Embryo with deathly infection
Destined for nothingness

The last threads are broken
The gate of no return
No mind, no soul, no heart
The light goes out in your eyes


music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak “GREG”

Despair, my pain, my fear are close
I dream my bitter dream awake
Shot down into the sea of tears
Just as I started to go up

The slave with the sign of scorn on his face
I bore my fate with no cry
Forced to submit and to lie
I light the pyre

The mask is my other face
Strange thoughts overflow my mind
The new identity of the clown
Enthralled by desires
I existed until two numbers opposed
When the tears of light
Broke the solid rock
To be born again

I am an element of nature
The song of elements
The yearning

I have a soiled soul
With no sin and no stain I’m not
Corporeality as forced
By destiny

I don’t want to track my foe any more
The shepard of human vices who for God
Will force you to love sinfully
In the ritual dance, sweated skin

I died in the evenings to be born in the morn
Debased was my every day
Instead of living true I lived
The dream of lies

Like a pain-driven dog I bit my chains
To break the spell of amok
Surrounded by human hyenas
I kept losing you

Born in suffering
Animal instincts and Earth’s magnetism
An error in equation

Everyday life and fate’s spell
I fulfil my mission, the species plan
Enthreaded by life in the universe
Proud and defenceless I am
Forced to race I want more
In the contest for the Golden Calf
It does not matter what I could want
I am a sandgrain in the corporation of happiness

It’s me, symbol and death
I wait, on the border of the shadow
Mystic and pariah, spiritual thorn
The game of titans never changes

Duality Of Things

music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak “GREG”

Burn before you touch the bottom,
Before the dream goes, scream your pain
Accumulate energy
Of primal truths, unbroken rules,
Words whose sound
Has the power to make
To change the course of every day,
Of blasphemous moments
Drowning in deluge
Of endless lies, power of evil,
Treacherous game of the titans

Pawn - that is me
Hostage - that is me
Tool - that is me
The banished one
Frozen in catalepsy

Duality of things
Trauma stigmata

Through the corridor of dream,
Through the labyrinth of night
To the last breath,
The run to the source of might
Among the blackened trees
There are hidden gates
The dungeons darkly call
The portal underground

I’m coming from the ocean of grey emptiness
Over the crest of the wave unmoving
To get to the beach of limitless silence
Where in cliffs my proud statue stands
Crowned in the thorny electrodes
The claws of cold steel,
My mind gives up at last

Fight, make your circle,
Protect your home, define your fate
Gather your strength
To stop the claws of blasphemous hordes
Which scorn you with no end

The portal underground again,
The chase is closing
The burning fire, burning all around
It’s become so hard to find the way
Out of labyrinth
At the edge of the world,
The secret passage fades

Nadchodzę z oceanu szarej pustki
Po grzbietach zastygłej w bezruchu fali
By dotrzeć do brzegu bezkresnej ciszy
Gdzie w skale wykuty mój posąg pychy
Na głowie z elektrod cierniowa korona
Zimne stali kleszcze, moja jaźń dogorywa

When I crack the gates of soul open
I become an open book
When the deamons get closer
I have to bind with oath
I keep touching my face to make sure
I still am

I stand in the road’s dust,
Lost at the crossroads, a beggar in disguise
A pariah with the third eye
An apostle of energy, at the edge of the field,
Whose all layers bear the stigma
Of separated worlds

Under The Open Sky

music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak “GREG”

A retreat at the top of the world
Under the sky of curving horizons
A diamond refuge on the barren land
Where the night is naked
And clouds pregnant with light
Under the cold eye of space
Between the strata
Me, I persist

Fire and stone in the souls of my foes
Masses in madness, powerless fury
Clad in the cloak of primal might
I’d like to believe – here on my own

The sacrament of elemental synthesis
Icy palaces in the fiery majesty
The glimmer of galaxies in the depths of space
Leaden grayness of the drops of silence
I see strings with my spherical eye
Spidery fates of the visible world
The grace is the brand
I wanted not these scars

Under The Open Sky

The first signal he is here
Emptiness returning him to us
The pilgrim’s back with his sin
You know not the greatness of its might
The loops of time, relative fate
Chaos will flood your days
No time to avert the change
Our world into dust

Event Horizon
Golden Throne

Chaos, violence, death and war
The mortal coil will sound its song
No one sees, the blinded mob
Lives to see the next day
The ark from hell is drawing near
The signs outside your dreams
The herd feeds on the pack of lies
Night will never turn into day

Green Tattoo

music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak "GREG"

The sum of stimuli, inevitable signals
The green tattoo, the Mother Earth signature
Climbing like ivy, from your ankle to your neck
Over the curves of your body, soft and marble

Entangled in games of power and domination
The strong over the weak, the rich over the poor
There is no discrimination syndrome
Only the laws of nature, no doctrines here

The dance of death, mental copulation
A chaotic mosaic of entangled images
The glazed eyes in the vortex of phantasm
At the altar of rottenness, in blasphemy bathed.

I turn my gaze inward
To shut out the meanness of the world
My mind has been marked with chaos
Touched by the cold blackness of the abyss
My green fate tied to their fate
Over the lake of sins, in a park alley

There, at the initiation,
Ambushed by the others
Those who were meant to protect me
I was snuffed out like
A reflection on the glass
To live eternal yearning of no-life

I am a motley jester
In the masquerade of life

Vitality without the moral corset of life
The essence of nature in the dew drops
In the nooks of your body, moist and sticky
The priestess of the fire of some ancient wisdom

Vegetation in the opium dream of decadence
I could not live without projections of lies
Indoctrinated since the day I was born
Suffused with darkness and sickness of this city

Suspended in the webs of passive agony
Like an insect ensnared by a spider
Tied by the myriad of silent dependencies
I myself bow down before the executioner

Now that I carry the stigma of infection
I tread slowly at the edge of abyss
Against my woken will and mind
I transmit the fractal element of the dark.

You’ve always been with me, Witch
You trapped my soul with green
You’ve been with me since I was born
Cruel in your beauty – Nature

Lizard Skeleton (instrumental)

music: Wojciech Piłat “PILATE”


music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak “GREG”

The time of vengeance
For the masses draws near
Entire lives down on their knees
Their heads bowed down in fear
The fury of anger, limitless mass
A liquid venom in the black flame
Will never stop the wild river
A system of threat and punishment

In many of us bitterness runs
A darkly wing of an angel
A thorn of scorn in the souls
The poor’s misery calls for the truth
Still hiding anger in your heart
You fake the tracks to shake the chase
And to survive you’d rather
Turn into stone

There where the show of lies goes on
You die again each day
The cruel fate each day strikes
A piece of domino you are, so small
You are a clog in a large machine
A little clog in the broken down beast
You have to shed a leaden helmet
Cut off the vile umbilicus

In the spidery web of media lies
The will-less brain slowly rots
In thrall to little, human things
You live their lives, not your own

You wish to kill, regain the throne
Burn down all that’s in your path
The fury’s blinding, fire and blood
Never go back, aflame in the fires
The soldier of street, rebellion’s head
You’re bringing freedom to your kin
Retaking power over the souls
You’re fight hard but can always fall

The bloodred dawn in the smoke
Comes a new day and newer hope
You vanquished foes, the dream is done
You can conclude the work of crush
Now in your hand the power sits
Over the poor suffering throng
They worshipped their masters
And bowed down their heads
Now you’re the new one.

The fate of history,
The truth and the lies
The wind of history sweeps through it all
The mankind with no hope
Fighting for crumbs
Can do acts of bestial might
Now in poverty, once in king’s coat
So full of pride, so weak and small
Will sell their souls to have it all
Looking for sun in the mud

Rita From The Hills

music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroślak “GREG”

When I feel her taste so close to me
I float away and I drown
In dreams, her face
In cold proportions, beauty from glass
Sweetness and venom
In primal dancing sensual death
State of nirvana
In naked union I stay without shame
Enspelled in stone
Of black cliffs and grasses dead

In the house too dark to be a nest
Born from those ancient creatures of dark
To carry her glamour
Divine sample, flower from swamps
Magical forest
Was your home centuries long
Body and soul
You are the last – family’s dead
Beauty and filth
Blasphemous servants are ready to rise

Lured by the sign on the seventh layer
Bound by the chains of my own lust
This blood, these wounds
Unclean stigmas, I maim myself
Silk and steel
I feel no pain, want to be you
I am so chosen
I lose my soul to keep the aura
I raise my eyes
We are the millions that kiss your throne

When you shed your cloak
Your siren voice whispers and drones
A wolf’s cry in my head
Sticky and druggy song
A powerless servant
I drink the dew off your lips
I taste the god
Rita, I have to find that road
I’ve gone too far into the woods
I still remember a little path
So lonely, leading into your hills

Against my will
I’ll return with nightly birds

In the shroud of my body
I am my killer and my victim
I suffer in silence
The fire still burns in my heart
I’m lost in the night
I look for lamps that never go out
I am profane
As I wake my sense
Before the mind expires

Apocalypse Cyanide

music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroslak “GREG”

Apocalypse Cyanide,
Night without dawn
Without a drop of light
In the well of life
Apocalypse Cyanide,
Death of the matter
Burnt decorations
Of the world as we know it

The day miscarriaged of the dead
Of the last sighs of the Earth
The fading disc of the Sun
Will not awake the mist in the valleys

Like armies before the battle
In fearful morning silence
The city molochs in a stand still
Swollen with human mass

The bony fingers of Death
Will close eyelids of the Dark
Premortal act in theatre
Wrecks on the empty roads

Dying down lights in the windows
Horror vitrified in tears
Oxygen in ink of sounds
Spell boud in human fright

Apocalypse Cyanide,
From the depths of space
From the open bronze gates of infinitiy
Apocalypse Cyanide,
In the breath of decay
The creatures from the beginning of time
Are coming

The blasphemous wind tore
The veil of the worlds
Linking parallel dimensions
With a bridge
The ruptured ulcer
Split poisonous pus of sins
The lashing with a thorny whip
Of contempt is coming

The raped warm womb of Mother Earth
Turned into the devil’s prey
Mutilated with the howling of hordes
Without mercy, one death for all

Two rays have connected
The earth and the sky
Treading in a merciless march
One - sparkling white of energy
The other – hurricane of fire

In the half-light of the King of the Earth
Without colours and shapes
After the war on the frontiers
The refugees tremble in a frenzy

The remnants of the veil
The relics of this world
The wretched remains of form
Without body, aura, sense
Blind and naked souls
Tasting the depths of void
In claws of the primal power
Sentenced and defenceless

Apocalypse Cyanide,
Bare beings
Burnt off the armour of earthly lust
Lost among the weeds of Paradise
On the verge of the outskirts of Hell

Apocalypse Cyanide,
The string of time’s broken
The pariahs are sobbing
In eternal yearning
Quenching their thirst out of a pure well
The larvae shelled out of their cocoons


music: Grzegorz Obroslak "GREG"
Mariusz Ostep "MARY"
lyrics: Grzegorz Obroslak "GREG"

Vital energy, fuel of the flesh
Psycho-motricity, carnal desire

The machine full of impulses of life
Blood pulsates in tense muscles
Desire, sex, infidelity, urge
Electric impulses in the loins
Passionate fever, no reflections
The essence of humanity

I can’t find joy in myself anymore
Tormented with a daily toil
The essence of vitality rinsed
Out of mortal shell at the vale of tears

Predators anointed with the absolute
Touched by endless force
Fleshy puppets enslaved by permanence
Compulsion of nature, procreation

Shining from the inside
We waste the gifts
Not willing to see the glow
Mindless chase melts life out of us
Drop by drop like wax of candle

My perception of vital impulses
Sent by the world in every moment
Has fallen down to trace levels
All that’s left is a dogma to last and last

In the trap of lust and freewill
A pawn in the showdown of upheavals
Awaken consciousness hurts so much
When the third eye looks for signs

As soon as we’re born we are dying
Creatures with taint of existence
Mindlessly squandering the energy
In a perfidious provocation

To last, to mix body and soul
Just like earthly angels
Amoral for human dogmas
Sanctified by Green Gods

Let’s embark on the journey
To the source of the river of Life
To wash off the dirt of the civilization
Of the animal
Let the tears be shed
As a monsoon rain of catharsis
On the verge of finding the heart
Of the matter

Outcasts From Cassiopeia

music and lyrics: Grzegorz Obroslak “GREG”

Why did an animal skin-clad savage
Experience the gift of consciousness
Why do the species deserve such prison
Free will in chains of the flesh
Barbarian nomads from the abyss
Outcasts from their own kingdom
Fertilized the minds of Golems
With incantation

During the black night tucked in a coat of stars
When longing tears out of the chest
While looking into boundlessness you serach
For Cassiopeian home
More beautiful than all the Nereids

The oneiric dream of your life
Addicted to daily stimuli
You already vomit with a digital code
True son of the cosmic fathers

Only yesterday you drank the blood of your victims
In a wild rush killed to live
Today usurp the right to the life
Of all creatures although you mean nothing
During the black night tucked in a coat of stars
When longing tears out of the chest
While looking into boundlessness you serach
For Cassiopeian home
More beautiful than all the Nereids

When the end of our times comes
The forefathers will come in dreams
To see the vile beast
At the bottom of soul of everyone of us