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The year 1986. It was a good year for music, a good year for metal. On 3rd March METALLICA released Master of Puppets and SLAYER started working ob their third album Reign in Blood which came out on 7th October. That year German DESTRUCTION released Eternal Devastation and KREATOR Pleasure to Kill.
Historia On 8th March 1986 three 18-year-olds Grzegorz Obroślak (Greg), Mariusz Ostęp (Mary) i Wojtek Sekuła (Seki) met in Lublin (Poland) to rehearse together for the first time. It ended with a THRASH metal band called FANTOM brought to life. At that time our first instrumental composition appeared out of joining these two words. When to our surprise it turned out that there are already thousands of bands called FANTOM in the world we changed the name into FANTHRASH. The band’s line-up crystallized in September when our drummer Jacek Wróblewski (Siwy) and later our vocal master Less joined us. In the autumn of 1987 Less left us and Greg took over his duties as the band’s vocalist till the end of the first life of FANTHRASH i.e. 1992. Earlier in 1990 the band recorded a three-song demo in MDK studio. Unfortunately, quite soon the hardships of everyday life brought us down to earth so much that we couldn’t keep the instruments in our hands and so the years passed.

At the dawn of the new millennium Greg began waking up from his stupor and new lyrics appeared. Later he grabbed his guitar and from his head and from his heart new sounds started coming out. His thoughts were no longer only around the prosaic aspects of life and the need to survive another day. The yearning – an inner impulse of artistic expression sprang up. The process which started couldn’t be stopped. The will to come back was too strong and against all odds Greg together with Mary (with whom he stayed in touch all the time) reactivated FANTHRASH. Laborious yet creative and invigorating work on new compositions, lyrics and arrangements started.

The dream came true in 2007 when the band was back with regular rehearsals. The spring of 2010 was the time when a new EP Trauma Despotic was produced and released by the band themselves. The musical contents of this release received a warm welcome of the fans as well as of the media.
Historia FANTHRASH with a present solid line-up are consequently engaged in their own crusade of the metal vision of destruction and at the moment are working on the material for their first full-length album which is due to appear in the first half of 2011. After signing a record deal with the UK’s RISING RECORDS in December 2010, they are now preparing for a merciless tour offensive which will start with the release of their LP Duality of Things.

Mariusz MARY Ostep – bass guitar
Grzegorz GREG Obroslak – rhythm guitar
Kuba EAGLE Chmielewski - vocals
Rafal CYWIL Cywinski – lead guitar
Radoslaw RADD Grygiel - drums