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Greg Belka

One of the Founding Fathers of Fanthrash, the heart and the brain of the band. The leader and the main author of music, texts and arrangements. A guitarist, a poet and a visual artist. An artistic soul bound in a pragmatic body. A tracker of "signs" and reality disruptions having to complete the mission of permanently exposing the counter-force.

kreska Mary Belka

Likes thick strings and low bass. Full of passion and commitment co-originator of music and arrangements who is of great support for Greg at all stages of artistic creation. Co-founder of Fanthrash and its good spirit from the very beginning. Analytical yet agile mind. The man of great integrity which has been turned into his asset.

kreska Pilate Belka

Stigmatized with classic heavyweight sound, technically uncompromisable, an enthusiast of progressive tunes. With his guitar, he carves the cacophonous chaos into a work of art. He's the one the press wrote about as a 13-year-old to play a show in a club. A ringleader of musically-absurd garage sessions, also a member of an underground punk-oriented band fueled by intoxicating goods. A free spirit who brings humor into day-to-day interactions and professionalism on stage and in the studio.

kreska Radd Belka

An uncompromising titan of hardwork, a slave of mathematical divisions, toiling on a leash of merciless metronome. An authority on the subject of metal, women, good food, and a fiend of core decadence. The missing link bonding FANTHRASH together as an integral constellation so as to commit the ultimate act of destruction.

kreska Less Belka

The youngest element of the Fanthrash puzzle. He's been screaming his throat off for five years now and he's still working on his technique. Energy and aggression on stage are his motto. The most hyperactive guy in the band. Fascinated by thrash and hardcore oriented sounds.